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The fruit that we pack is sourced from all over the Western Cape (a black spot free area) and has a typical Mediterranean climate. Natural climatic conditions are therefore ideal for the growing of stone and citrus fruit.

Our producers’ geographic location enables us to supply sufficient volumes of early and late stone fruit & citrus varieties. Unipack Fruit currently has a large number of new varieties and will be well positioned to supply early Clementine and Late Mandarins. Our products include:

Soft citrus


  • Satsumas (Mihowase, Owari)

  • Clementines (Marisol, Nule, Oroval, SRA, Esbal)

  • Nova

  • Nadorcott

  • Orri Mandarin

  • Tango

  • Valley Gold

Hard citrus


  • Lemons (Eureka, 2 PH Seedless)

  • Oranges (Cambria, Valencia, Navel)

Unipack Fruit Dibanisa
Unipack Fruit Dibanisa
Fruit Varieties
Stone fruit


  • Apricots

  • Plums

We have established strong working relationships with all our producers. Each producer’s fruit is handled separately and each carton marked by pack date, producer number and production run. This enables the traceability of each and every carton back to the day and the orchard from which it was picked.

Packaging Facilities
Quality and Safety
Quality and safety


We place a high premium on quality and therefore we have the following compliance practices in place:


  • Globalgap ensures effective and efficient management of quality and resources in the orchards of growers.

  • All of Unipack Fruit’s volumes are Globalgap approved.

  • By incorporating the comprehensive British Retail Consortium (BRC) process control system we ensure that customer’s legal obligations are met and all areas of product safety & quality are covered.

  • Unipack Fruit achieved Higher Level BRC Global Standard Certification in February 2004 (currently still applicable)

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