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The story


Unipack Fruit was established in 1994 to supply growers in the area with a modern packing facility needed for the growing demand in the packing of specialised stone fruit (10%) and soft citrus (90%). Our pack house was one of the first privately owned soft citrus pack houses in South Africa and currently we are one of the leading soft citrus exporters.



Our three farming operations are:



 Goeie Hoop - Wildepaardehoek


Langverwacht - Myrtle Grove - Goedgedacht - La Rochelle


Sovereign - Olivedale

Since 1994 we have established long-term relationships with retailers and importers throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.


We are proud of what has been accomplished in the past 20 years and as seen in our current expansion are humbly positive about the next 20 years.  We believe with a sustainable business model and good relationships with all our stakeholders – locally and abroad – we can exceed our own expectations of business growth and increase the wellbeing of our community.  

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